Plus loan, how can you make it happen!

Almost two years ago, since you moved into that flat, you had the goal of renovating that second bedroom and turning it into a study / guest room. Nice for when the family and friends are there of course. 18 months later, you guessed it, the intended study room looks more like a storage room. Every time you walk in, you get the feeling that you really have to do your best to renovate that room, preferably this weekend already. “Well, maybe next weekend.”

Then you will receive an email from a good friend just that week, who will be in the country for a week. She / he asks if it is okay if she can stay with you during the days that she is there. “Of course!” Is your response. That is not surprising of course, one of your best friends comes along and you haven’t seen her / him in a while.

Then it’s a rush, because that room still needs to be renovated! Deadlines, the motivation for humanity for years, to get rid of laziness!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

money loan

Roll up those sleeves, walk into that room, and immediately start a plan to renovate everything. First of all, it is useful to purchase a bookcase, and therefore install it as soon as possible. Take those books out of the removal box and put them on the cupboard. A handy second is perhaps a sofa bed for your guests to sleep on. Maybe also a wardrobe. Not to forget to bring a nice armchair.

Then you stand at the door, and you can already see it all in front of you. It looks great, and your heart glows with pride before you move a bag. Planning is half the battle! To get this done, you will need some help.

So let our plus loan be that helping hand

The plus loans from Serratum can really be ideal for those who need a helping hand. A plus loan is an amount between 600 and 1500 dollars that you can repay over a period of 62 days. In two installments!

For example, compared to our mini loan, you did not immediately see a gap in your salary, but you can spread it.

Thanks to great customer service and an application procedure that works quickly, we can answer your application for a plus loan in no time. No paperwork or other hassle. You have an amount in your account within 24 hours after the loan has been approved.

We strive to offer the best customer service in a competitive financial market.