Apply for a personal payday loan

The personal payday loan is a very widely used loan type in the Netherlands, which is mainly used when larger loans are needed for expensive things such as buying a car, motorbike or renovating a house and many more things.

If you want / need to have access to an amount of often more than $ 10,000 in a short time, the personal payday loan is often a very good solution. The application is often arranged quickly and the money is therefore almost immediately available for withdrawal.

Why a personal payday loan?

Why a personal loan?

A personal payday loan is easy and quick to apply for, it is especially suitable when you only need the money once and therefore want to borrow and pay off immediately. A personal payday loan and revolving credit are often confused, but are very different from each other. For example, with a personal payday loan you can only use the borrowed money once and then no longer touch the repaid amount as you can with a revolving credit.

This has the advantage that you use the money purely for what you need it and immediately start to pay off the debt in small monthly installments. Many people prefer this because they do not remain with the same debt for years, but start to redeem it immediately.

Where can you apply for a personal payday loan in the Netherlands?

Where can you apply for a personal loan in the Netherlands?

There are many lenders and banks in the Netherlands where you can apply for a personal payday loan and on our website we have gone through a number of them, where we also provide more information about, for example, interest rates. We have given a review about the following providers of personal payday loans: Across Lender, Spin Lender, Best Bank and Capital Lender.

What does a personal payday loan cost?

What does a personal loan cost?

The costs of a personal payday loan vary a lot per provider and are partly determined by the amount of the loan and the period of the loan. It is therefore difficult to say exactly what a personal payday loan costs, but prices vary considerably.

Prices are on average between 3.9% and 10%, which is why it is always advisable to request quotes from multiple providers in order to get the best deal. This is mainly because the loans are often above $ 10,000 and you naturally want to pay as little as possible for a personal payday loan. The following rule of thumb often applies: the higher the amount borrowed, the lower the interest.

For whom is a personal payday loan suitable?

For whom is a personal loan suitable?

The most important thing when you take out a personal payday loan is that you can also repay it and of course get through the month well. It is therefore important that you are sure that you can pay it back and that you do not take any risks with it. A personal payday loan is suitable when you want to make expensive expenses such as buying a car and renovating a house.

Fortunately, providers of personal payday loans are also investigating whether the applicant can actually pay it, this is done by calculating income and expenditure and a check at the BCR.